About the Server

A Preprint is a research-related manuscript ready for submission to a journal but that has not been peer-reviewed. PSM Preprints accepts manuscripts related to all scientific disciplines and subjects organized under the following areas: Agriculture sciences; Applied social sciences; Biological sciences; Engineering and earth sciences; Health sciences; Human sciences; Linguistic, literature, and arts; and, Interdisciplinary.

A manuscript may be submitted prior to, or concurrently with, submission to a journal but will not be posted if it has already been accepted for publication, published, or posted elsewhere.

The authors are the only responsible for the manuscript’s content and are asked to confirm that all ethical requirements are followed including the availability of documents of approval by the ethics committee, obedience to institutional policies, the necessary consent of research participants. Specific screening criteria may be applied for some subject areas. PSM Preprints might reject any manuscript for any reason. There is no peer review of the manuscript posted as preprints and there is no implied endorsement or qualification of the manuscript by PSM.